Our Partners

AkeLex is our main technology partner and developed the underlying technologies that make the Prosumer Health IHPs possible – e.g. the evidence-based, AI-guided clinical/health analytics engine (Adaptive Knowledge Engine), the one person – one record (case entity file), the clinical/health data dictionary, clinical health language (the Lexicon), the medical content development process and system, and many other features and capabilities.


Wellcoaches: one of the leading health coaching companies, Wellcoaches has trained and accredited thousands of coaches around the world. Their unique approach and methods developed over the past decade by Margaret Moore and her colleagues have enabled health coaches to form trusting relationships and partnerships with their clients and thus to achieve significant improvements in engagement, setting and meeting heath goals and care plans sooner and for longer than expected.


HP/Health SaaS: have a unique automated remote patient/employee disease monitoring capability that is integrated with the AkeLex technology platform and that enables users to measure their daily disease metrics from their home digital monitoring devices for measuring a person’s blood sugar, blood pressure, etc. The device then sends these measures to the AkeLex AI-guided analytics engine which determines whether the readings are in the range set by the clinical guidelines for that disease(s). If they are, the user gets an all clear message. If they are not, the AkeLex system sends a short list if questions for the use to answer. These answers are then sent back to the AkeLex system which determines what kind of guidance to send back to the user and their care manager and/or health coach. This system has been able to achieve impressive outcomes in terms of reducing hospitalizations by 51%, length of hospital stays by 57% and hospital readmissions by 70%.


bromin7: is a data-driven app agency committed to place its clients ahead of the curve by leveraging their experience in building successful and scalable products. They are results-oriented, selective and passionate experts in enterprise and consumer-grade applications.is a premier designer, developer and tester of new digital device apps. They have developed demonstration versions of the PH Smart Phone and Web UI apps. They have also helped Prosumer Health develop its go-to-market strategies and participated in presentations to potential clients in ways that have been helpful.


Allies in Recovery: has developed a unique approach to the difficult problems of substance abuse, addiction and mental health issues. In particular, their approaches have proven particularly efficacious in helping the supporters of substance abusers and those with mental health issues to come to accept that they have an addiction issue and to seek assistance in addressing their addiction/mental health issue. AIR has recently launched a capability that enables them to put those with existing or emerging addiction/mental health issues/crises in touch with clinical experts in that particular issue and experienced in crisis intervention.


Isabel Healthcare Inc. was founded in 2000 by Jason Maude and is named after Maude’s daughter who almost died after a potentially fatal illness was not recognized. The Isabel engine is the only AI system utilizing Curated Machine Learning and true Natural Language input. Isabel is recognized as the broadest, most accurate tool available for both clinicians and consumers. Isabel Professional is used by clinicians worldwide to build and broaden their differential and improve diagnosis performance of frontline clinicians. The Isabel Symptom Checker/Care Direction patient engagement platform can be integrated into various patient experience workflows (patient portals, home pages, apps, chat/voice, etc.) creating the digital “front door” for patients.


Health Record Banking Alliance: ) is a 501(c)(6) non-profit membership organization with the goal of establishing accurate, secure, and comprehensive health records that can be accessed by both patients and their health care providers under the control of the individual patient. We do not sell anything and we are not developing a product. We are a think tank, an education group,a discussion forum, and an advocacy organization for each consumer having their own comprehensive, lifetime, unified health record. We are supported by membership fees from individuals, small companies, and corporations who believe in our mission and vision. We are evaluating personal health record/health record bank services and products now and will be posting our assessments as they occur.