About Us

Our Vision

Individuals are able manage most of their health and healthcare needs becoming a prosumer: provider and consumer of their own health and care.

Our Mission

Help people lead healthier and happier lives by giving them the individualized tools and health coach/AI guidance options they need to manage their health and healthcare.

Why We Created Prosumer Health

  • Because the delivery of healthcare in the US is broken
  • Because tens of millions of Americans do not have access to healthcare insurance, and/or access to high quality, safe healthcare
  • Because preventable medical errors are the 3rd leading cause of death in the US
  • Because errors in diagnosis result in 10% of patient deaths
  • Because 90% of health care costs are due to preventable chronic conditions
  • Because 80% of health outcomes are a result of the social determinants of health
  • Because health outcomes have been deteriorating for decades as chronic disease rates in adults and children continue to rise
  • Because overall mortality has been rising and longevity declining for the last three years
  • Because clinician burnout is widespread and growing with clinicians having the highest rates of mental disease, substance abuse and suicide of all professional categories
  • Because there is a large and growing shortage of front- line primary care nurses and physicians, especially in rural areas. Learn More
  • Because health care costs have been rising at 2 to 3 times the rate of general inflation for decades crowding out other critical investments and straining the budgets of individuals, schools, municipalities, companies, state and national governments
  • Because integrating data and technology with health coaching enables individuals to take care of 70% of their health and care needs, thus reducing the use of traditional health care services by up to 60% and associated healthcare costs by up to 40%
  • Because Fee-for-Service payment systems still dominate the US healthcare market and are one of the main causes of run- away rising healthcare costs due to the ordering of unnecessary tests, labs, images, procedures and treatments. Learn More

Core Beliefs

Attaining and maintaining good health & care is possible when each individual has the integrated tools and thus agency to take care of their health and care needs.

  • Feels empowered and becomes more engaged in theirhealth
    • Each person has their own Individualized Health Platform (IHP) with all the determinants of their health integrated on their IHP
    • All health team members, including physicians, have the same information and are coordinated by health coach to assist
    • 24/7 interaction with team is available for continuous care, quick response & ease of mind
  • Health Data – Is timely, accurate, important and retained
    • Standards for the quality of all data inputs
    • All data is aggregated/updated in a single Problem Oriented health record
    • Remote health device readings automatically uploaded to the record
  • Technical Health & Care Guidance System Is evidence-based and AI guided and continuous
    • Uses updated health data to provide alerts, screening surveys and updated guidance options to team
    • User, health coach and PCP are primary recipients of updated guidance options
  • Communication is simple, intuitive and available 24/7
    • Clear data driven health goals and care plans
    • Managed though a single IHP available to ALL Health Team members
    • Emphasis on early/quick reaction to health issues
  • Individual Health Platforms are integrated, comprehensive digital solutions for health & care
    • Integrates/aggregates all determinants for improving/retaining health
    • Individual focused – made for collaboration among all Health Team members

Our Team

George Reigeluth, PhD Founder/CEO

Dr. Charles Burger, MD
Chief Health Officer

Andrea Borondy Kitts MS, MPH
Chief Operating Officer

Gordon Jardin, Chief Financial Officer

Our Advisory Board

Peter Hayes, Health Benefit Design, Management and Market Advisor

Lincoln Weed

Dr. Steven Datena
CEO, Akelex

Jeff Brown
Director of Safety Systems