This is not just the next generation; Prosumer Health is a quantum leap over existing and proposed healthcare solutions.  Within a new distributed, collaborative, continuous care model, the Prosumer Health Platform is a super aggregator that will interface and curate all leading health industry technology to offer each individual their own path to easier access, engagement and adherence to higher quality, safer, lower cost care and health Prosumer Health represents one of the key pieces to sustainable long-term, viable healthcare reform. 

Our model offers the following breakthroughs:

  • First app to base individual health guidance on standards for the quality of the data and analysis used for each care issue, and first to offer 1st, 2nd and 3rd independent machine generated guidance options with every diagnosis - significantly reducing the possibility of medical errors.

  • First dynamic system to serve as a super aggregator consolidating industry leading electronic monitoring devices and AI-based medical content/diagnosis systems.

  • First platform to integrate all the resources needed by individuals to monitor, maintain and improve their health – i.e. 24/7 smartphone access to one person-one record PHR connected to portable health monitors, connected to an AI-driven clinical analytics engine, connected to the medical/health literature to provide 24/7 real time guidance for any acute or chronic care issue with the ongoing help of your virtual health coach.

  • First application to integrate all health- related activities (medical, dental, exercise, nutrition, environment, etc.) into one comprehensive personal health footprint.

  • First system to offer true predictive and proactive analysis/guidance for early detection, prevention of onset of new issues, and slowing down of progression of existing conditions.

  • First scalable global mobile digital health platform capable of addressing the international healthcare access, quality, safety and cost crisis.