Your Path to Health: Story Board Showing How Your IHP Can Help You Improve Your Health, Care and Cost Outcomes:

As Figure 3 shows your IHP has many interdependent resources that work together to help you find your own path to better health and care that works best in your own particular circumstances of your life, family, work and health situation. These resources finally give you the agency to be able to take more personal responsibility for improving your own health and care in a way that works best for you. As a result, you now have the tools you need to improve your access, quality, safety, engagement, health, care and cost outcomes as follows:

  • Getting Started, On-boarding and Collecting Your Health and Care Data: to get started with the on-boarding process (see Figure 5) you will be introduced to your health coach who will help you with downloading the various IHP apps, registering and beginning to pull together all of your health and care data into one Problem Oriented Health Record (POHR) that overtime will house all of your health and care data in one electronic record that you own. See Figure 2. Rather than put in vertical stacks of data from different providers - e.g. images, labs, tests, treatments, etc., the POHR organizes your data horizontally by problem and chronologically by problem so that you, your health coach and other members of your care team can quickly see how things are going with your various health and care issues.