The Prosumer Health app will connect with all health technology to optimize your health information, improve health data analysis, and provide proactive/predictive care guidance options.   Vet, integrate and aggregate health data from unlimited sensors/monitors to provide you the Prosumer with the highest quality, safest and most secure healthcare data, analysis and guidance options.


What if every man, woman and child could have 24/7 access through their tablets or smart phones to their own evidence-based Individualized Healthcare/Health Delivery Platform (IHDP)?  The Prosumer Health app allows users to seamlessly move from one health task to another without jumping between apps and programs.


Consumers are able to fashion their own path to wellness and thus become the new Prosumers – or both providers and consumers of up to 75% of their own healthcare needs.  With greater individual engagement and adherence, health goals are achieved sooner and sustained for longer; complications, adverse events and preventable errors are reduced – all of which leads to a 60% reduction in the utilization of medical services and a commensurate drop in healthcare costs of 40%.

For both adult and adolescent acute and chronic care issues, the Prosumer Health app provides easy access to a higher quality, safer and more responsive care management system for a healthier life at significantly lower costs.